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Mary Margaret "Molly" Zane is a fallen angel, and she were on the "Bad side". She is one of the enemies of Luce after the meatloaf spilling incident. In the finale, Luce changes her opinion about Molly when she covers for her in her house and realizes Molly has changed. In Rapture, Molly is dusted with Gabbe by Sophia Bliss .


She immediately takes a disliking to Luce after she has collision with her in the lunch hall, spilling meatloaf over Luce’s head. Molly then graces Luce with the nickname "Meatloaf" after the incident and the girls began to clash heads from then on. 


She is described as an "angry pixie" and said to have piercings in her face and short platinum blonde hair. She is also described with cold blue eyes and almost seems to permantly scowling. Her hair later becomes pink.

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